What Business & Life Look Like

What Life in Your Business is Like Today

Growth and Viability are ongoing issues

Uncertainty of direction and purpose

Founder, Family, Staff & Advisers are seldom on the same page

Founder believes he knows what the business is worth but not what it is worth in reality or why?

Business is under-capitalized

Unhappy outcomes are by product of lack of preparation for business, leadership or life transitions

What Family Members May Not Realize Today

Family interests are not heard

Fragmented decisions and poorly designed outcomes result from absence of purpose, governance and a decision framework

Disputes and conflicts can devalue a business

Poor decisions, wrong advice and overspending can deplete wealth. This all contributes to why a Founder builds wealth, the next generation( adult children) attempts to preserve wealth but depletes it and the 3rd generation (grandchildren) starts all over again. Today in the 21st century, less than 10% of business families worldwide, are able to keep business and financial wealth intact to a 3rd generation.

What will be your story, if you don’t take action, starting today?

We will be happy to assist you in turning these challenges into happier outcomes that you imagine and desire.