Stages of Wealth & Transitions

Transitions Occur.  Shifts Happen.

Regardless of how much wealth you’ve accumulated or how much control you want, transitions will occur and shifts happen. These events, planned or unplanned, result in significant change.

It’s up to you to decide how the transition progresses and the optimal outcomes you expect –but that doesn’t mean you can’t get or deserve guidance or support in making those important decisions.

Let’s start with annual working meetings at end of each year and at the beginning of each new year.   Before long you’ll find that strategic planning and forward thinking with family members and trusted advisers is a normal part of your acting upon your generational perspective!

Privatus CI3O Services can add balance to your emotion-based decisions as well as the technical advice of your advisors, with strategic input and thinking–all of which are important, when prioritized to long-term, desired outcomes.

The stages of wealth include:

Stage 1:  Wealth Building and Innovation

Stage 2:  Management of Monetized Wealth & Growth

Stage 3:  Management of Assets and Wealth in Trusts & Transfers

Stage 4 : Next-Generation Wealth Building and Family Legacy

Transition events in between stages or within stages include:

Between Stage 1 and 2:  May be about  the Operating Business or may be a Family matter

Between Stage 2 and 3:  May be a Family Office event, A Family Wealth event, or it may be a Family matter

Between Stage 3 and 4:  May be a Family matter, a Family Wealth event, a Family Office event or even an Operating Business event

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