A business with 50 milllion to $499 million of sales

awesome!  Fewer and fewer business accomplish what you’ve done!
When help is need, answer are not forthcoming from others,  or  help is needed to facilitate the following, we’re here to assist;


Identify the key value drivers of the business and risks that enhance or impede growth of the equity value.  We can leave behind benchmarks to measure the what and how of value drivers and do an annual updates.

The interviews, intakes and quarterly family meetings are progressively more intensive, encompassing the following;

  • Vision, mission and purpose as these inform business strategy
  • alignments between family and adviser interests,
  • growth of your ecosystem
  • and its intangibles of governance, relationships and knowledge.

The potential for a transaction; merger, acquisition, sale or a transfer and the importance of preparing business and family for these.    Minimizing the potential of unplanned transitions through regular conversations involving the longer view with a strategic game plan:  “where are we going and how do get there?”