A business above $500 million to $3 billion in sales (private businesses)

You are highly successful in building a sustainable business but now there is much more to be considered
Yet the following may not be getting attention:

Many more family generations, staff and advisers, including  trustees and managing members of partnerships.  How to keep business and financial wealth intact requires different thinking;   Shaping Culture, defining family purpose or vision for an integrated business strategy become crucial

    • Hold strategic year end & quarterly meetings with family, key staff and advisers to integrate and align the vision for next year.
    • Resolve Complex Business & Family Office Issues such as leadership changes, transitions, company differentiation & more
    • Address the issue of Family desire for Significance.  This  is shaping the world and lives of and around the family.

The higher potential is for a merger or acquisition and the more important is it to prepare the business,  human capital and family culture for this integration.  Identify and resolve for potential unplanned transition events.

We will guide and assist you to be successful in the new endeavor as you want and deserve.