Slow-er Growth?

Carl Sheeler, PhD, ASA  has worked with  more than 1,200 businesses around valuation matters and risk management.
He has contributed more than $5.2 billion in economic value for family businesses, private equity groups and family offices.

This is not about the ego of what we do. This is specific skills refined over years that we offer to help achieve your objectives, like this one.

Imagine this is your firm; A 6-Figure Private Company & You

Company has annual revenue of $65 million

After 25 years at the helm, founder wants to double revenues in 12 to 36 months

Your adviser recommends revenue and profit enhancement services but

there is no guarantee this will meet the time frame or desired revenue increase.

Achieving or exceeding your objective is by enhancing

equity value along with active risk management.

Result:  at end of year 1, revenues increase by $10 million.  By the 32nd month, revenues exceeded founders’ objective.

This is not a guaranteed result.  The depth agreed to solve business risks and success in enhancing equity value will influence results.