“Privatus filled the knowledge gaps.  Before, we could not respond to our advisers. Our successor transition to G4 is assured because our values remain intact. They gave us the tools and language we needed. We are so grateful!  Well worth the investment!  Thank you.” Ivan, Business Owner,  Boston


Anything is possible with a well articulated vision and strategy with a team to create value.

What is Strategy?
It’s the opportunity for a shared vision – your cultural ecosystems,  your constituents, agile opportunities, human capital, the art of the possible
Navigating a business, a concentrated wealth asset, has its own challenges around opportunities
Such as;
  • intangible risks – governance, relationships, risks, knowledge
  • value creation –  as it derives from leverage of both financial and human capital along with active risk management
For a Founder, owner and family, shaping strategy reduces risks, minimizes losses, creates bottom line value and is how successful business families become families of significance.