Solutions for the Human Capital Involved

“Robin gets me and my family. She gets our business and its importance to us.  She created clarity from chaos and uncertainty.  We have more time for what is important to us.  Privatus increased our assets’ value by $200mm, while providing more control and opportunity. Money didn’t buy me peace of mind, but Privatus did.”     Beatrice C – owner’s spouse, NY, NY


Human capital includes owner, family, staff & your advisers.

All benefit from:

  • learning strategic thinking,
  • balancing business & family interests,
  • positively overcoming inertia, and
  • preserving the firms while contributing high residual to the bottom line is possible when all are aligned to family values and their purpose.


A Family Business Board with a Family Values Focus

  1.  Your board- Ideas & Possibilities
  2.  Oversees  dynamic, valued based governance
  3. Becomes responsible for oversight of strategy


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