Intra-Family Wealth Transfers of the Business

At the opposite end of the business spectrum are preserving the business and transfers of the business to family successors.  These are not as easy as many advisers believe or may counsel you to act.

When a founder/owner contemplates an intra- family transfer, all options for the family and potential successors begins with an exploration of “liquidity vs legacy”.  This is the opportunity to get the differences of opinion on the table and to create solutions for all.

Some additional challenges we assist with:

Trustee selections & duties – mitigating litigation

Benefactor Intent

Tracking business equity value & identifying and managing business risks over time. This creates the possibility of far more accurate understanding of the health of the business and managing risks in the business sustains revenues AND value over the time held in trusts.  This minimizes the probability of a former owner stepping over the line.

Aligning beneficial and advisory interests with benefactor intent.