Value Services

 “I was impressed with your credentials and being a CFO in a single family business for a high net worth family,

there is always something that requires someone with your expertise….”

                                                                                      – CFO, Construction Company



We serve complex needs  when a business, staff or advisers can’t.  The risk is execution may be poorly done due to wrong skills or knowledge.

So consider the list of value services in the pull down menu and note these all have one thing in common, your business and you and your family.

We are Dedicated to Serving the Success of a Founder

  • Uncommon knowledge creates clarity, value creation, contributes a longer view & reduces noise
  • Validation
  • More cohesive staff, family and adviser team
  • Certainty of the end game; options for the business, opportunities for owner and family


We are Dedicated to Facilitate  a Trusted Adviser Role to a Founder

  • Longer term relationship with business AND family, yet the statistics are against this.
  • Trusted Adviser role evolves from one discipline to become a steward not a gate keeper.
  • Founders pay well when they perceive greater value is to be had over cost.