Unanswered Questions

  • Are Founder’s wants and needs understood and addressed?
  • Is Founder emotionally prepared to transition their company to an outsider buyer, a management team or to family members?
  • Does Founder have a need to grow to a certain level in a specific time frame?
  • Does Founder & family  understand the important-to-you  differences of a legacy versus a liquidity event?
  • How will  Founder & family  get from here, Business Success to there, Family Significance?
  • If Founder or family  has a $100 million issue, how will you find the solution?

It’s Why We Are Multi-Disciplinary

Expert Areas

  • Financial Expert
  • Valuation Expert
  • Merger & Acquisition Expert
  • Strategic Expert
  • Trustee Expert


  • Company Growth
  • Risk Management
  • Emotional Intelligence


We can assist you at Privatus CI3O to answer these and moreover to have the outcome you expect.