Our Approach and Process

We follow a holistic process of Identify, Integrate, Implement in our work for either a family owned business or a family office. This assures work remains on target and meets timelines. 

Identify involves discovering the landscape of the business and family stakeholders

For the business; identifying the value drivers and risk in the business

For owner; identifying his/her wants and expectations

For adult family members both in the business and as passive investors; identifying their unique wants and expectations around this asset

The scope of advisers and professionals involved; their roles and locations

Any problems or challenges that each sees or experiences

Integrate is the process of planning the work and developing solutions that meet both business, owner and family wants. As this infers, solutions may be more than one.

Implement is the process of working the plan; this may require a strategic planning for time frames, skills and knowledge needed, accountability and managing the overall execution of the plan.