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As entrepreneurs ourselves and as the owners of Privatus CI3O and other related businesses, we have endured the sacrifice with deeply seated beliefs, tenacity and passion for this business as you have in yours.  We’ve differentiated ourselves by expert knowledge, technical skills and softer dynamic skills to family business and family offices.  Sign Up Now to receive highly informative, valuable blogs, tools, papers and other content, that you can use or ask for help.

Robin Coady Smith

Founder, Family Values Architect

Robin served as Chief-of-Staff to a multi-generational, multi-billion family office for 4 years, starting in 2004 upon the incapacity of the Patriarch. A major transition ensued with the absence of his leadership and upon his death for both the business, the family and  family office.

As Chief of Staff, Robin brought stability, clarity and afforded time for the family to regroup and think in a more forward manner of the future. She picked her now partner, Carl Sheeler, PhD, ASA, CVA, CBA to co-manage with her, to fill the gaps for both the business and family office and to offer options for more dynamic business growth and opportunities for family members.  They brought diversity of lenses into a single focus so stakeholders could develop a strategy supported by values governance, risk management, succession and transitions events.

See Robin’s Function today.  Robin has been a pioneer in the family office space since 2003. Since then she has served 400+ founders and families and their family offices around the human dynamics and the differing wants and expectations that challenge founder/family ambitions, if not resolved and aligned.

Having worked with many advisers, trust administrators, Trustees, attorneys and accountants over time,  Robin is highly sensitized to the differing view points by these professionals compared with Founder and family views of liquidity transitions and legacy matters.   Learning and alignments bring these into better balance.




Carl Lloyd Sheeler, ASA, CVA, CBA

carl@prcio.com  &  csheeler@riversedgevalues.com
Co-Founder, Strategic Value Architect & Strategist

Carl is a successful entrepreneur, corporate and military officer and strategist. Over his business career, he has worked with 1,200+ family businesses engagements around valuation and risk management. He served as BRG’s Strategic Value Architect shaping company value and strategic direction. He has testified as an expert on 165+  occasions such as shareholder disputes and breach of duty.   He is also served as chief-of-staff of a prominent family office in Los Angeles before purchasing a ranch in Durgano, CO for his next endeavor.  He calls this home and named it Two Bears Ranch.

See Carl’s Function for his role around business assets, both operating and held as an investment.

(1) Two Bears Ranch retreat host for founder, family and/or key advisers seeking a holistic approach to legacy and liquidity transitions;

(2) Using his valuation expertise as a benchmark to highlight risks and opportunities allowing advisors to better steward a business growth strategy;

(3) Finance/Fiduciary Expert for messy and/or complex intra-family and/or business disruptions/ disputes.

In Privatus CI3O,  Carl addresses the underlying operational, cultural, and governance issues that drive value and quantify risks. He also considers the factors influencing value and impairments driving proposed “discounts” associated with equity ownership.