Loss Aversion

Loss Aversion can be minimized by addressing the following problems or pains that a Founder or CEO or their staff seem unable to resolve.

A Business Brief is a brief recap, an abbreviated example of a problem, the efforts to solve it that didn’t work but instead created more problems

Here are the principal 4 briefs, posted on my Linkedin Profile.

Re-Shaping Your Private Board
Scaling Business Viability
Business Stock in Trusts
Is Your Business Your Legacy?

The reason theseĀ  4 topics were identified is that “no action” represents the greatest opportunity for loss of revenue, loss of business value, loss of legacy or heightened conflicts that do the same.

resolving these starts with identify the real problems and this is the opportunity of :
  • the right focus by a board,
  • happier outcomes to premium business transitions,
  • that when stock is held in trust is probably cared for andĀ  revenues and business values are preserved with far less risk.
  • Lastly, don’t choose to be another statistic; the destruction of business wealth is unnecessary
  • When this asset is held long term but there is no shared purpose or strategic focus.