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How Privatus CI3O got started


I , Robin Coady Smith,  entered the family business/family office space in  2002, a reformed senior wealth manager  sensitized by experience to ultra-affluent families’ unique interests and challenges.  I bore witness to the often very unhappy results around transactions, transitions or transfers of the business.

The true tipping point came from a former business client, a multi-generation family and multi-billion business when their founder died.  The family, now lacking purpose or direction lost billions of financial assets due to taxes and the lack of an estate plan for the founder.  The business declined in value. The circumstance was dire.

Reverse engineering from this, the known outcome, made it possible to see the cumulative steps that contributed to the outcome. There were pain points of both founder and family members that were never resolved or not resolved correctly that also contributed to the known outcome.

Over the past 6 years, we’ve designed holistic and integrated remedies that diminish unnecessary challenges and the unhappy results.

I use my head and heart with a blend of leadership empathy, kindness, wisdom and insight into structuring outcomes that are driven by family interests first.  The magnitude of my certainty, presence and gratitude far exceed the doubts of others.

I have combined my experiences and remedies with my partners’ experience, Carl Sheeler, PhD as a former Managing Director with Berkeley Research Group, for more than 1200 businesses around valuations.  His focus began to shifted to  value creation and risk management by 2010 and as a result contributed more than $5.2 billion of economic value to business’ bottom lines.

We are compensated for our knowledge, insights, skills and talents in a fair and balanced way by a growing community that yearns to be understood and heard.

We do and it’s why we created Privatus CI3O.