Rising Gen Endeavors

Facilitating Rising Generation Opportunities

As the next generation of family comes of age and IF they want roles in either managing wealth or to explore their own entrepreneurial identity, Privatus CI3O Services navigates the differences in perspectives of the parents’ own generation to the next generation.  This includes succession plans and cultivating new leadership in matters of building and creation of new endeavors.   It may involve navigating, measuring and monitoring how well the culture/structure of the family office will support key next generation family roles in managing wealth or support for next generation entrepreneurs.

Maintaining the family identity, as the family evolves, is at the heart of its successful longevity.

Privatus CI3O Services understand the diversity of building blocks, skills and talents required for next generation endeavors.  We facilitate the alignments, benchmarking and collaboration that are often more challenging for family members, staff and advisors to do–yet are essential to attain long-term outcomes.  We keep you on track with direction and perspective.  We’re one part advocate and one part agent and one representative voice, without bias, that is often needed to convey what needs to be heard and seen by everyone at the table–and we are that voice for you.