Business Challenges

Challenges are Opportunities for  Happier Outcomes.  More Opportunities with Consensus.



It’s Time for Action

Far greater than 50% of efforts of Founders wanting to step down

ever get to enjoy the 100% cash event they imagined.

 As a Trusted Adviser to a Founder

“What Does The Day After a Transaction Look Like For Founder & Family?

Let’s Start Here

A Typical Day After

What A Day After Can Look Like


Financial Engineering vs Superior Results

There are reasons performance results (aka returns) may need to improve

Its widely believed financial engineering alone improves performance.

The truth is different.


Do the Dynamics of Family, Advisers &  Trust Company

Mesh or Conflict over “Protect” and “Preserve” Founder’s prized asset?

How To Have The Best Results For Benefactor Intent


What’s on your plate and  do you need assistance in resolving them?