Robin’s Function

As a former Chief of Staff  Robin serves as a Steward and now as an Interim Chief of Staff to family businesses, family offices and family trusts around transition events or disputes. Robin’s specialty focus is family trusts, holding businesses and other private assets, with expertise in the diversity of trustee roles, fiduciary duty and the supporting formalities necessary.

Our ability to impact these successfully is based upon experience and wisdom earned over time.  This is why we offer to bear the load of change events for ultra-affluent families, their businesses, wealth, trusts and advisers that serve them.

If You Want Different Outcomes, then Let’s Raise the Bar on the Conversations

Robin’s Focus Specialties in Businesses & Family Offices

  • Strategic Guidance – Emotional wants of all stakeholders & alignments are fundamental to a contemplated transfer of interest
  • Resolving Alignments– Proprietary tool prioritizes and aligns adviser & family activities
  • Family Transitions –  Family wants often differ from advisers’ interests
  • Formalities & Infrastructure – duty, governance and an overarching strategy
  • Transfers of Business Stock in Trusts – Preserve and protect the business is a deeper finance matter. Adhering to benefactor intent, with beneficial alignments – is a human relationship and dynamics matter.
  • Fiduciary Expert  – Dispute on Trustee roles & Trustee Duties – resolving disputes early preserves business wealth and family relationships whereas trustee duty conflict is often highly destructive to relationships and business value.

If you have a change event matter, trustee duty matter or a dispute that won’t resolve that you would like to discuss with Robin, Contact her.

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