Robin’s Function

As a former Chief of Staff  Robin serves as a Steward.

In the minutae of daily details, the wants and expectations of a Founder and  family get lost  in major events of change.  This includes the wish to join the ranks of the UHNW AND to enjoy the opportunity of keeping generational business and financial wealth intact.  

We acknowledge these wants.

We see  the  challenges that make these events unnecessarily difficult.  Our ability to impact them successfully  is based upon experience and wisdom earned over time.

This is why we offer to bear the load of change events of ultra-affluent families, their businesses and advisers that serve them.

The Up and Coming Generation

If You Want Different Outcomes, then Let’s Raise the Bar on the Conversations

Robin’s Focus Specialties

The deeper conversations – wants and expectations – facts not rules of thumb- improved information for advisers to build a strategy for wealth transfers or a business transaction.

Alignments & Consensus –   family member and their advisers – improving decisions, articulating purpose and benefactor intent -the ability to move forward

Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves –  countering this is driven by family DNA- legacy,  their strategic end goals, individually and as a family collective  with an overarching strategy

Masterminds – learning for family and wealth teams, the transition to next generation success or from success to family significance

If you have an advisory or change event matter that you would like to discuss with Robin, Contact her.

Services include – shaping the family ecosystem to ensure optimal efficiency of alignments, governance and strategic options.  Evaluating when business or real estate asset should be managed in legal entities. Unplanned transition management.  Training program of  knowledge skills leading  to next generation success with support.

 View Carl’s Function –  we are two halves of what makes for success of change events involving a family business – deep finance and human capital skills