Robin’s Expert Trustee & Human Capital Function

As a former Chief of Staff  Robin served as the Steward of a multi-generational business family, orchestrating the entirety of family members, staff and advisers.  Now as an Interim Chief of Staff to family and private businesses and family offices around transactions and unplanned transition events, she bring the benefit of calm listening, representing the wants or needs of the family in communicating with advisers and service providers and a longer perspective from outside.

Robin’s specialty is family trusts, holding businesses and other private assets, with expertise in the diversity of trustee roles, fiduciary duty and the supporting formalities necessary.

Our ability to impact these successfully is why we offer to bear the load of change events for ultra-affluent families, their businesses, wealth, trusts and advisers that serve them.


Robin’s Focus follows:

Independent  Wants & Expectations Discussions

What will be the role of the business to family wealth?

  • Family relationships
  • Opportunities
  • Longer term retention of key advisers

 Objective Strategic Guidance

How will the emotional wants of all stakeholders impact a transaction or transition?

How does the business or family office know whether they have the skills they need?

  • What are our best options?
  • How much can we expect? What form will it take?
  • What do we expect this to look like a year from now?

Resolving Human Capital Constraints

  • I’m not being heard or listened to
  • How do I/we get from here to there
  • Do we have what we think we want vs the skills we need

Succession Planning Support

Common human capital issues

  • Wants drives decisions
  • Equitable ownership need consensus
  • Leadership transition events and what these will look like

 Clarity of  “Liquidity vs Legacy” Dilemma

  • How does each meet our cash flow and liquidity objectives?
  • What does control look like?
  • What is a legacy?

If you have a change event matter, trustee duty matter or a dispute that won’t resolve that you would like to discuss with Robin, Contact her.

 View Carl’s Function –  we are two halves of what makes for success of change events involving a family business – deep finance and human capital skills