Happier Outcomes

 Challenges Can Transform into Happier Outcomes

We can assist the people around you to understand the importance of this

asset to you and why you expect to preserve the firm or enhance returns

AND value.  We can help your advisers to navigate these.

A Business Transaction

How important is to you to get to 100% cash event?   

2 or 3 years in advance, we can help you get the economic outcomes you want.

Then, we may serve as your advocate with others at the table,

to assure your expectations and anticipated outcomes remain front and center.

  Financial Engineering vs Superior Results

There are reasons scaling size, capital, sustainable revenues and risks

need to addressed ahead of business transaction.

Here’s an example:

A company founder needs to have a $60 million business, is half-way

there after 20 years at the helm. Is it realistic to expect to grow

another $30 million in 12 to 36 months?

How much net capital do you need to meet budget and accustomed lifestyle

for you and your family, to be willing to sell the business?

Or is there another influence at work?

Dynamics Between Family, Advisers & Trust Company

How important is to you to preserve your most prized asset in a wealth transfer? 

What do you imagine happens to returns in economic events, management

changes, or an unplanned life event

How To Have The Best Results For Benefactor Intent

 Do you need assistance in resolving any one or more of these? 

We have deep knowledge and experience with what it takes sustain

returns & value of business assets plus sensitivity for solving the

human wants  involved. 

We’d like to help when you face one of these events.