Carl’s Expert Business Function

As a business advisory expert with superior hands on finance, operational and strategic perspective, Carl’s focus is often the intangible assets and risks in businesses and family offices ; governance, relationships, risks and knowledge in operating businesses and translating these into tangibles that advisors can understand.

Carl’s Specialties

Retreat host for founder, family and/or key advisor seeking a holistic approach to legacy and liquidity transitions

Valuation as a benchmark – highlighting risk and opportunities allowing advisors to better steward a growth strategy

Finance Expert – equity value, shareholder rights and governance

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Carl considers the business and options for it, as follows:

Independent Valuation Analysis

What is my company really worth? In a private sale? In an IPO? Would a two-step monetization (minority, then majority stake sale) process add value?

Objective Strategic Guidance

How is my company positioned in an increasingly competitive global business environment? What actions can I take to strengthen my company?

Resolving Capital Constraints

How do I raise the equity and/or debt capital required by my company at the highest valuation and the lowest cost?

Succession Planning

What steps should be taken to generate sufficient cash flow, address ownership issues equitably, and provide for a smooth transition to the next generation of leadership?

Analysis of “Build versus Exit” Dilemma

Should I forge ahead with the family legacy or is now the most advantageous time to sell?

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