How We Serve

We Listen.  We Execute.  We Maintenance.


These are not financial matters.  They are value creation finance and human capital related.


  • Any conversation or engagement starts with interviews and intakes with founder, family members, advisers  & staff.
  • Identify Founder end goals.  Wants and expectations of others.
  • Identify the data points to decisions with a strategic overlay;  key value drivers and risk in the business that enhance or impede growth.


  • We execute on identifying the right team of staff and advisers; commitment, time, aptitude to assist and cognitive behavioral elements.
  • Agreed outcomes and alignments to them are essential.
  • A success based arrangement is dependent on agreed outcomes
  • A project based arrangement is dependent on the scope of work beinging clearly defined.
  • We facilitate staff leverage of financial and human capital along with our active risk management.  Higher returns come from greater proficiency with these.  We measure these in Return on Investment (ROI)
  • We benchmark essential processes, value drivers and risks; the who and how of value drivers.  These enable mid course corrections.


  • Progression with agreement on outcomes and family, staff and advisers alignments
  • Evaluate benchmarks with c-suite
  • Develop metrics for enhancement of equity value and risk