Transition Preparation Support for Owner & Family

Overview of Preparation for a Business Transfer Strategy

Preparation of an intra-generational transfer starts with owner wants and expectations. The same conversation is held with adult family members.

Aligned views of those involved deciding an endgame outcome may necessitate a deeper discovery of shared ‘Importance’ to a family. This is an essential next step for consensus and the ability to move forward.

Solutions that are best maybe more than one; for owner and owner’s cash flow requirements and for family. These solutions deserve expert input to guide a leadership shift, valuation , assure sufficiency of cash flow, debt, capital funding or even a two step process to add greater value – all before acting upon the shares of stock that will be transferred. This flows into a informed discussion on a transfer strategy.


This is initial outline for illustrative purposes.

  • Assets; business, investments
  • Verifiable revenues streams – past 5 years
  • Growth record -past 5 consecutive years
  • Current infrastructure; staffing, governance, board, wealth management experience
  • Legal Holding Entities – partnerships, trusts, foundation, etc
  • Transfer Strategy; legal documents and title changes
  • Family Tree- all generations
  • Adviser Tree – identify all plus what services they provide, contact information


This is an initial fact finding outline for illustrative purposes. Assessment goes into the appropriate level of depth for each of these in an assessment.

  • About family
  • About strategy
  • Family view of the transfer strategy
  • Selecting trustees and others

Provide for an Informed, Smooth Transition

Strategic plan to achieve the endgame outcome; reverse engineered to the start point with the right skills and knowledge, identified and available.

The majority of intra-family transfers of the business involve trusts with partnership arrangements to protect the shares or interests sold, longer term and to reduce expensive estate taxes for the owner and future beneficiaries.

It is possible to preserve the value of these shares in the time held in trust. This involves due diligence skill and expert knowledge.