18 Transition Preparation, Alignment & Strategy Support for Owner, Family & Trusted Adviser

Identification of the business, tax or wealth transaction and the transition of owner or family members to a new endeavor and new roles

Identification of family concerns with outcomes and timelines for results to begin

[Identification of all constituents expectations for the what the transition will look like in both the immediate and longer view

Assess and prioritize initial options or solutions, balanced against concerns or root causes

Options or solution best aligned with family immediate and longer view expectations

Identify the technical & empathy skills of the staff and advisers for the transaction and family transition event.  Fill the in knowledge and skills gaps from external resources.

Quantify the tactical vs strategic thinking perspectives that are present vs what is required.

Assist in  design of the strategic plan and preparation of the road map to move forward

Joint preparation of family and trusted advisers to navigate the business or wealth transaction with options. Assist in implementing strategy.

Assist in development of risk management program for advisers to monitor business value or direct investments

As a family office/wealth strategist, identify, anticipate and educate on unplanned transition events

Educate owners, family, staff and trusted advisers on use of metrics in optimizing decisions and bench marking performance results

Prepare and educate owner and family on options for the business

Prepare and educate family on options associated with wealth management vs strategic next endeavors

Supporting the owner in exploring vetted, best in class resources to partner on next endeavors

Develop the metrics of “wealth intact” for next endeavor transitions, structures and wealth creation activities

Design a “maintenance” support program  for family members. This is based upon the. amount of capital necessary to produce the cash flow; either including consumption of both capital and cash flow over a defined number of years or cash flow while keeping capital intact.

Perform as a subject matter expert for ultra-affluent, multi-generational, entrepreneurial families