We Are Family Business & Family Office Transition Strategists

Optimizing Business & Wealth Transition Outcomes

for Leadership Roles, including family, boards & trusted advisors


This independent consulting service is for owners and families of $100 million plus businesses who are wanting and willing to travel a high return path with options for the leadership or for stepping away from their business and “writing ” their journey along this new path.

 Privatus = Private.   CI3O = Chief Information ( Uncommon Knowledge- Identify.  Integrate.  Implement)

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When this journey has yet to begin or the landscape is unfamiliar, the owner and family enormously benefit from a strategic roadmap of this journey that  not fragmented along with a forward view with clarity, control & options.
Robin Coady Smith, Founder, Privatus CI3O
A top advisor’s role is to control risk,  leverage both knowledge and relationships and fill resource gaps.  
Carl Lloyd Sheeler, PhD,  Managing Director, Berkley Research Group & Co-Founder, Privatus CI3O


Emotional Intelligence Quotient + Intelligence Quotient = Your Outcomes

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