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“This independent consulting service is for owners and families of $100 million plus businesses who are wanting and willing to experience  a less traveled but a high return path with options for improving leadership functions of  their business or for stepping away, meeting up with their future and  their journey along this new path.
This will start with an earnest discussion of what success means to you and to family members.  Our second and third efforts set owner & family on the best strategic paths with optimal options, and greater wealth intact, in their journey from business success to family significance.   
This is saying a lot when those we beckon have not yet begun this journey and often don’t where to begin.   If you’re looking for a strategic roadmap of this transition that is not tactical, then perhaps that’s why we are the right firm and now is the right time.”
Robin Coady Smith, Founder, Privatus CI3O


“My military and corporate background and Greek tells me that “strategeos” means “general’s plan.   Great generals surround themselves with top advisors that work together as part of an ecosystem.
In concentrated wealth their role is to control risk and provide families more time. Institutional quality strategies are successful because they’re not ad hoc. They leverage both knowledge and relationships. They fill resource gaps. They are transparent and enhance value.
If your looking for a strategic roadmap with top flight governance, operational and financial risk management that is not tactical, then perhaps we’re the right firm and now is the right time.”
Carl Lloyd Sheeler, PhD, Director, Berkley Research Group & Co-Founder, Privatus CI3O





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