Serving the Human Capital & Dynamics in Family Business & Family Offices 

from Business Success to Family Significance

Change Events (Transitions) involving  the business and human capital

Where Would You Like to Start?


..What you want and expect? Or with what others believe you need?…..

This is the first difference
A family-centric, strategic focus vs a financial, technical focus
It take both.  
May we suggest we start with you first AND an assessment of your prized business?





 “I was impressed with your credentials and  being a CFO in a single family business for a high net worth family,

there is always something that requires someone with your expertise….”

                                                                                      – CFO, Construction Company

   “Your comments  just confirmed to me that family businesses are in as safe a space as possible – a very rare thing – in your hands.”

“Keep up the good work.”

                                                                                        Martin S. – Company Director



For more information, schedule a complimentary time to discuss your wants and expectations

    Privatus = Private.   CI3O = Chief Implementation ( Knowledge and Resources).