We Are Family Business & Family Office Transition Strategists

Optimizing Business & Wealth Transition Outcomes

for Leadership Roles, including family, boards & trusted advisors


When planned or sudden changes in business or wealth happen, ultrahigh net-worth families and their trusted advisors know to turn to Privatus CI3O for help aligning expectations, offering unbiased clarity and transparency and helping family and advisors to select their ideal outcomes.

This independent consulting service is for owners and families of $100 million plus businesses who are wanting and willing to travel a high return path with options for the leadership or for stepping away from their business and “writing ” their journey along this new path.


“My family wealth and family office experiences in the early part of this century recognized that discussions hardly ever started by asking what success means and it’s importance to family, all family members. 
This is saying a lot when this journey has yet to begin or the landscape is unfamiliar.  If you seek a strategic roadmap of this journey that  leverages knowledge and relationships with clarity, control & options, then perhaps we are the right firm and now is the right time.”
Robin Coady Smith, Founder, Privatus CI3O
 “My military and corporate background and Greek tells me that “strategeos” means “general’s plan.   Great generals surround themselves with top advisors that work together as part of an ecosystem.
A top advisor’s role is to control risk,  leverage both knowledge and relationships and fill resource gaps. If you are looking for a institutional quality roadmap of strategy that is not adhoc, then perhaps we’re the right firm and now is the right time.”                              
Carl Lloyd Sheeler, PhD,  Managing Director, Berkley Research Group & Co-Founder, Privatus CI3O

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